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Woodworth, What’s in a Name? and ALS

The naming of fragrances is always interesting and sometimes challenging. Frequently a name is waiting for the perfect formula. In the case of Woodworth, the fragrance was formulated long before the name arrived. It was “Chypre11” for many months.

What stands out to me the most about Woodworth is the familiar and comforting classic cologne scent that it evokes. Blended citrus, spice, aromatics and wood notes have stood the test of time and continue to be steady and true to this revered fragrance family.

At some point while obsessing over every version of “woods this” and “wood that” I began entertaining individuals named Woody, Woodrow and eventually Woodworth.

I respect Woody Guthrie and his American activism. He was a poet and singer who truly uplifted the working class, calling out racism during an important time in history, and his life work continues to live on today. Sadly, he died of Huntington’s Disease, a disease yet without a cure.

Woodrow sounded more plausible as a perfume name but that became a firm pass once an old friend’s name came to mind: Dennis Woodworth.

Dennis was the husband of my dear friend Lorraine. He died very suddenly of ALS about 10 years ago. It was a shocking and devastating loss to all who knew and loved him. He was most definitely one of the “good guys” and I will always remember him fondly.

His prominent characteristics, besides his immeasurable love for Lorraine, was how HE was familiar, steady and true.

I’m happy to say this scent embodies the very best of Dennis Woodworth.

I will be giving 10% of profits to ALS Therapy Development Institute.

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