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Trinity Rose Parfum Oil

Today I will be introducing my new Botanical Oils collection starting with aTrinity Rose.

I absolutely love using perfume oils. Unlike cologne or classic perfumes the scent stays closer to the body and has a warming effect just by the nature of application by massaging into the skin.

Perfect for the colder months.

Trinity Rose Parfum Oil

Velvety rose and green notes weave seamlessly with soft and gentle woods.

For this rose creation I chose harmonizing notes of Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium essential from Madagascar and Rockrose essential oil from Spain.

West Indian Sandalwood (Amyris) smoothly blends the notes and provides a lasting scent.

Folklore, plant energetics and such… describes this Trinity of Roses as providers of uplifting grace, healing and protection.

My favorite way of using this oil is after a relaxing bath or shower, I apply a few rolls onto my palm and mix into a unscented body lotion. It is heavenly wrapped in this fragrance from head to toe.

10 ML Glass bottle with rollerball cap.

100% Botanical formula blended in organic fractionated coconut oil.


As a perfumer I mostly use botanical ingredients such as essential oils, absolutes, resins and natural isolates. I also use aroma chemicals to fill in the gaps when I want to avoid using unsustainable products like  Mysore sandalwood or oils that I consider restrictively expensive or unobtainable.

I will offer details on the percentage of botanical ingredients in the description.

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