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Rosita, Robe d’Un Soir and Meals on Wheels

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

This fragrance is named after my mother, Rosa Hortensia Farias Rostad, born in Chile. (December 21, 1925 – August 17, 2012). She had a fiery, independent, adventurous spirit and an enormously generous heart. Friends and family knew her simply as Rosita.

A few years before my mother passed away, I began formulating my own version of a fragrance I remembered her wearing on special occasions when I was a child. It was a classic, vintage French perfume called Robe d’Un Soir by Carven. I wish I had been more inquisitive about when and where she came across this perfume as it was her only one and it was a beauty. I imagine it may have been a gift from an old boyfriend? I am sure it was not from my father. His gifts were more in the appliance category.

Thanks to Google and some amazing perfume websites, I discovered its dominant notes and proceeded to try and formulate something special. Once satisfied with my version, I decided to call it Rosita, a name near and dear to my heart and it touched my mother deeply. She enjoyed my vintage classic version of Robe d’Un Soir. It didn't even come close to the original but it had it’s own elegant vintage charm.

Since launching Rosebud Perfume Lab and having to recreating everything (2018 fire had destroyed it all) todays Rosita has no vintage qualities at all other than a tiny amount of oakmoss and the sublime headiness of Rose. I would say it is a completely modern and elegant fragrance and I have chosen to keep the name. I may revisit the formula in the future if I feel nostalgic and no telling what I will name it if I do.

As a side note, I cannot adequately describe how much I adore the scent and beauty of roses. In fact, my ability to refrain from making every fragrance a rose fragrance is only by sheer will power and grit! Please know, however, there will be more rose featured perfumes coming to Rosebud Perfume Lab in the future. Stay tuned!

Keeping with my Mother’s tradition of sharing food with others, something she did with great love and generosity her whole life, I will be contributing 10% of ROSITA profits to Meals on Wheels, Senior Nutrition Program.

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