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Welcome to RoseBud Perfume Lab!

Our little lab is based in  Southern Oregon

Image by Anna Meshkov
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Ragna Rostad, Perfumer, Owner

In 1987, while trekking in the Himalayas, the inspiration for Rosebud Perfume Lab was kindled. 

Following an experience that is best described as a dream-like rose encounter, Ragna’s  journey into scent curiosity, the blending of botanicals, and perfume interest has spanned more than thirty years.  Besides the sheer olfactory delight, Ragna also enjoys the art, science, history, and cultural richness that perfume offers. 

While living in Mount Shasta, California in the 90’s, Ragna began dabbling with essential oils and aromatherapy. In 2008 she opened her first online shop, Shasta Esscents, selling handmade soap and body products. In 2011 she transitioned to making artisan botanical perfumes, launching  Divine Life Perfume. 

Following the November 2018 “Camp Fire” in Northern California, which destroyed not only the town of Paradise but also Ragna’s home and perfume studio, Rosebud Perfume Lab finally came to fruition, born out of loss but more importantly from deep love and gratitude.

Please take a moment to find a fragrance that inspires and delights you by perusing the website. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rosebud Perfume Lab features perfumes purely designed to honor and enjoy the abundance of fragrant botanicals and aromatic materials worldwide.

Life is short. 

Wear perfume.

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