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Jasmine Avenue Parfum Oil

Jasmine Avenue Parfum Oil


Jasmine Avenue Parfum Oil


Jasmine Grandiflorim in her full beauty.


I perceive Jasmine as light.


Imagine the sun has just risen and is glowing gently.

The garden is lush with flowers.

There is a doorway that is bekoning for you to walk through it and as you do your recall memories of joy and bliss.


Indian Night Blooming Jasmine is steeped in history with stories of spiritual awakening. I have been told it assists with deep knowing and remembrance.


So loved and beautiful, I believe that it is something beyond being worn as a fragrance but also a way to explore and experience serenity and peacefulness through scent.


Notes include:


Jasmine Grandiflorim

Red Mandarine



Incense Accord


Raspberry Essense




My favorite way of using this oil is after a relaxing bath or shower, I apply a few rolls onto my palm and mix into a unscented body lotion. It is heavenly wrapped in this fragrance from head to toe.


6ML and 10 ML Glass bottle with rollerball cap

Samples available


95% Botanical formula blended in organic fractionated coconut oil


Price includes Shipping.

Free sample included in each order

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